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The QuickSTART Course

The no-BS system for creating a dependable action plan for your laundry business, so you can stop winging it and get to work.

We've created six (6) action-packed lessons, delivered automatically every few days, straight to your email inbox. Each email will include details on the lesson, and allow you to download the lesson/worksheets immediately.

Once checkout is complete, you will receive a welcome email along with your first lesson. We don't dilly-dally around here, things move quick!

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Here's what you get when you join right now:

  • Lesson 1: "Let's Get Your Prep On!" creates the foundations of your business. Determine your income goals, discover if you should build new or buy existing, and take the entrepreneur skills and strengths quiz.

  • Lesson 2: "What Will Your Business Look Like?" is a deep-dive into finding just the right “look and feel” for your store. Design a professional-grade logo and brand with free online tools and step-by-step instructions.

  • Lesson 3: "Hands-On Exercise: Let's Go Undercover" takes you out in the real world, checking out other laundromats so you can see what’s working and AVOID what isn’t.

  • Lesson 4: "The Laundromat Business - From A to Z" is your master’s degree in everything laundry biz related. This includes discovering the right financing strategy for your situation.

  • Lesson 5: "Finding the Perfect Location for a Laundromat" is where we reveal our step-by-step method for finding the ideal location for a laundry, using simple industry guidelines and real-life examples.

  • Lesson 6: "You're Ready...You're Set...Now Go!" pulls together everything you learned and creates your personal road map to owning a laundry business and the next steps to get there.

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