Laundromats 101 Complete Guide to Purchasing a Laundromat (eBook) + ANALYSIS Package

The Laundromats 101 Complete Guide to Buying a Laundromat eBook is NOW AVAILABLE!

And, get an ANALYSIS Package with your purchase! (see details below)

Our 81-page eBook covers everything you need to know to get started in laundromat ownership; from Researching and Purchasing, to Managing and Profiting!

(CLICK HERE to Download the TABLE of CONTENTS and a SAMPLE CHAPTER from the Book)

It walks you through the entire purchase process, including critical topics such as: how to find the ideal location for a laundry, how to evaluate a potential laundromat, items you must include when making a purchase offer, lease negotiation, what to look for in the seller's financials, how to determine cash flow, ways to increase profits, and MUCH, MUCH more.

Now for the ANALYSIS Package! Here's what you get in our special package, all available for instant download:

  • Customizable Build-Your-Own Business Plan Templatejust insert your own details and you’ll have a complete business plan worthy of review by any lender or landlord
  • Laundromat Site Evaluation Checklista 2-page list of everything you need to check when evaluating a potential purchase
  • Purchase Timeline and Checklistfrom the Research phase to the Close of Escrow, this is your complete timeline and checklist
  • Monthly Net Income / Cash Flow Calculator with Expenses Alertsenter a few basic numbers, and you’ll have the income and cash flow answers you need to make a purchase decision, as well as Alerts that tell you an expense may be outside the industry average
  • Down Payment and Target Purchase Price Calculatorenter just a few pieces of information, and you’ll know in minutes how much you can afford to invest and your maximum purchase price
  • Return-on-Investment (ROI) Calculatorenter just a few basic numbers to reveal an estimate of the annual return on your investment
  • Weekly-Monthly-Annual Income, Cash Flow and Turns-per-Day Trackera complete tracker tool, allowing you to see incomes by the week, month or year as well as cash flow and Turns-per-Day
  • Proposal Letter to Current Owners of Target Laundromatsa proposal letter template so you can reach out to current laundromat owners and pursue stores that aren’t even on the market!

NOTE: The software consists of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word templates. If you do not have these programs, you can also use Google Docs ( to upload and use the files.

You'll get 2 PDF and 2 ZIP

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